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B U S I N E S S   L O C A T I O N

Jolly Sailing is located in the Rainbow Harbor Marina, in Downtown Long Beach, California. We serve guests visiting Long Beach on holiday & business trips as well as local Californians living in Los Angeles County, Orange County, and the Inland Empire. 

421 Shoreline Village Drive. Long Beach, CA 90802

W E   E N C O U R A G E   LONG BEACH   R E S I D E N T S  TO  T R A V E L    G R E E N ! 



Hop on a Long Beach Transit bus so that you don't need a DD! To find a route simply use Google Maps


Try taking Long Beach Bike Share! Download the Social Bikes app and pay by the minute.


Consider taking an electric scooter! Razor, Spin, Lime, or Bird all operating in Long Beach. 

If you prefer to travel by vehicle, you can use a TNC or, of course, a personal vehicle. Parking is available in the Shoreline Village parking lot.

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