Our captains are fully vaccinated and are happy to wear a mask upon request. Additionally, Clorox Wipes and sanitizer are readily available for guest use.

Private Sailboat Charters in Long Beach


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Jolly Sailing offers  private boat rentals in Long Beach, CA 

Nothing beats getting out on the water: the ocean spray, thrilling views of racing dolphins and sleepy seals, and sunsets as wide as the horizon. If you're the type of person who enjoys Duffy boats, gondola rides, kayaking, and/or parasailing, this outing is right up your alley!

Join Jolly Sailing in Long Beach for a serene afternoon or sunset boat ride alongside the company of your choice with your favorite libation in hand. BYO food if you'd like and one of our USCG License captains will take care of the rest.


We are conveniently located in downtown Long Beach near the Pike and 710 Freeway exit. 

Your unique Long Beach sailboat charter awaits!

Private Boat Rentals - Boat Rentals in Long Beach 
Long Beach Sailing Charters

If you’re hosting a special event in Long Beach California for your company, family, clients, friends, or employees, you want it to be memorable. We can’t think of a better way to wow your guests than by bringing them sailing onboard our private sailing charter boat in Long Beach. Come aboard with us for an unforgettable sailing experience!


2-Hour Sailboat Rental in Long Beach

2-Hour Private Charter

Starting at $299 

Two-hour sailboat charters are great for those who want to enjoy the Long Beach coastline. With these charters, you can BYO food and drinks, kick back and relax while cruising the Long Beach Harbor. 

3-Hour Sailboat Rental in Long Beach

3-Hour Private Charter

Starting at $375

Those who want to spend a bit more time on the water can book a 3-hour boat rental. These charters are able to venture into Alamitos Bay. Longer outings are also ideal for those who want to hop in and swim around. 



Bring up to 6 guests.

Sit on the bow if you want some extra space from the captain. 


Yes, bring your favorite drinks! 

Yes, bring food!

Yes, you can go swimming.

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Guests jumping off our sailboat in Long Beach


Go for a swim! Just inform your captain at the beginning of the charter if you'd like to hop in at some point. 

BYO food and drinks

Smoke tobacco & cannabis

Hangout on the bow of the boat

Phone Case


Don't lose your phone, sunglasses, or wedding rings to the ocean!

We don't advise mixing cocktails on the boat as it can get messy & the boat is often sitting at an angle which makes pouring tough. 

Please don't bring glass wine glasses on board. Canned beer is also preferred over glass bottles.

Sailboat Dog - Private Charter-Boat Rent


If you are interested in bringing a dog or a child under the age of six give us a ring to discuss. Some dogs experience motion sickness, and some children's attention spans aren't well suited for this experience. 

If you're interested in decorating the boat for a special occasion, let us know and we can figure out the set up and clean up plan. 

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Jolly Sailing uses eco and marine friendly cleaning products. We purchase recycled paper and TP and buy offsets for the small amount of fuel we use per year to get the vessel in and out of the downtown Long Beach marina. 

If you're a traveler who values eco-tourism or a local Southern Californian that appreciates environmentally conscientious businesses, we would love your support. 

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